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As a horny little kid, Holly Lorka had no idea why God had put her in the wrong body and made her want to kiss girls. She had questions: Was she a monster? Would she ever be able to grow sideburns? And most importantly, where was her penis?

The problem was, it was the 1970s, so there were no answers yet.

Here, Lorka tells the story―by turns hilarious and poignant―of her romp through the first fifty years of her life searching for sex, love, acceptance, and answers to her questions. With a sharp wit, endearing innocence, and indelible sense of optimism, she struggles through the awkward years (spoiler: that’s all of them) and discovers that what she thought were mistakes are actually powerful tools to launch her into a magical―and ridiculous―life.

Oh, and she discovers that she can buy a penis at the store, too.

Praise for Handsome

“A collection of humorous and heartfelt stories about gender, sex, childhood, shame, and self-acceptance… Lorka’s ability to balance life’s harshness alongside its ridiculousness and to poke fun at herself make for a read that’s never disingenuous or boring… A delightful remembrance that’s brimming with honesty and wit.” –Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

Press Coverage for Handsome

Handsome was included in Parade’s roundup of “24 of the Best Memoirs to Read This Year.”