Hi, I’m Holly Lorka, a writer, storyteller, and retired standup comedian who has good hair.

I got my first big laugh in the third grade. I was voted Best Sense of Humor in junior high. These are great credentials, y’all. I’ve spent my life trying to crack people up because it makes me terribly happy. Sometimes it also makes me annoying, but I’m tall and can get things off the high shelf, so it’s helpful to have me around. I write and tell and live stories that look for humor in the midst of adversity. Luckily, I’ve had lots of adversity, so ENJOY MY PROBLEMS!

I’m also an ICU nurse, so if you ever need more than a laugh or a boost – like maybe some CPR or something – let me know.

I wrote a book!

A funny, moving memoir of a sweet and awkward misfit who loses her battle with puberty but somehow grows into a tall, dapper adult with great hair, a cartoonish sex life, and an unlikely relationship with George Michael, Handsome will make you laugh; make you cry; and make you want to buy better hair products.

“A collection of humorous and heartfelt stories about gender, sex, childhood, shame, and self-acceptance… Lorka’s ability to balance life’s harshness alongside its ridiculousness and to poke fun at herself make for a read that’s never disingenuous or boring… A delightful remembrance that’s brimming with honesty and wit.” –Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

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